Quick and easy property rescue

Quick and easy property rescue

November 22, 2018 Off By admin

Want to sell your property fast? Get offer from Quick Property Rescue!

Quick Property Rescue (QPR) is new innovative platform that allows you to avoid repossession and easy get offer and sell house. You have to fill in application and receive an instant no obligations cash offer.

QPR is one of the largest property buyer in London. Founded in 2012, the company helps its clients to receive up to 90% of the value of their property. The QPR agents listen to every client’s need and tries to find the best way to make it work for him.

The company buys houses in:

  • any condition
  • any situation
  • and in any location in London
  • quickly for cash.

Easy and stress-free

There are many reasons and situations when someone decides to sell his property. For example – financial: repossession, mortgage, debts, bankruptcy or personal: divorce, relocation, etc.

Quick Property Rescue buys you house fast and helps you easy move on with your life. Whatever your property problem is you are offered to get cash in advance and exchange in 24 hours!

Fast online consultation

In our modern technological world people need both security and freedom when they need to make decision about selling property. With Quick Property Rescue platform you receive them – you can ask for an offer, receive it the same day and feel free whether to accept or decline it.

You will receive no obligation sell fast valuation of property.  The QPR will cover all legal fees necessary and there are no hidden charges.

How the platform works?

After sending your online application, you will receive a cash offer within 24 hours. Then, if you are happy with the price, the QPR agent will pay your legal fees. You can choose the completion date that suits you best. The best thing is that the deal is completed within 7 days!

Guaranteed property sale

With Quick Property Rescue you receive 100% cash in days and there are absolutely no fees throughout the whole process of selling. You decide when to complete the deal and when to move out. The sale period is short and compared with the estate agents there is no need t put a sale sign outside and arrange continuous viewings with potential buyers.

Quick Property rescue buys your house with its own funds and the deal is guaranteed.

With QPR is easy to move on with your life!